Transition Study for Homeowners Associations

A blueprint for success

In the life of a community association, few events are more important than the “Transition” – the point at which the developer transfers control to the governing body owners elected to manage the association’s finances and protect its assets. What owners know about the property will guide critical decisions the governing body must make; what they don’t know about the property can impair their decision-making and threaten the community’s future.  The purpose of a Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. transition study is to ensure that owners know exactly what they’re getting when they take over.

Information you need and can understand

A Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. transition study is comprehensive, detailed and understandable. Our professional engineers evaluate construction quality, review design features, and scrutinize critical components to verify that the work is complete and consistent with design and construction plans. The goal is to verify that construction quality standards and design requirements have been met and to identify any areas where that is not the case. Their observations are visual in nature and include an analysis of the site and building exteriors as well as a review of an agreed upon percentage of the units. 

Scope of the work

A Criterium-Peters Transition Study is comprehensive and detailed. It includes:

  • A review of all provided engineering drawings, architectural drawings and the public offering statement.
  • One visit to the appropriate municipal offices to review public documents and resolutions relating to the development.
  • On-site visual observations to identify any areas that do not conform generally with the design specifications or acceptable workmanship.
  • The inspection of an agreed upon percentage of the unit interiors.
  • A narrative report that includes details of each observed deficiency; possible cause(s) of the problems; references to deviations from specific performance standards (design drawings, workmanship, etc.), where applicable
  • A punch list summary detailing each deficiency, the location at which it was noted,  and the recommended correction.
  • An optional questionnaire on which residents can identify specific concerns about the interiors of their units as they relate to the common elements.

The Criterium-Peters Transition Study will provide the information and documentation boards need either to:

  • Affirm that the construction is complete and the property is in generally good condition; or
  • Negotiate with the developer to obtain essential repairs and protect the association’s interests.

For the life of your association™

Knowledge is power and a transition study is a powerful resource, providing association boards with the information they need to make informed decisions about their community.  Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. sets the industry standard for transition studies. Let us prepare one for you. Contact us or call (570) 752-8044 to obtain more information or to request a proposal.