Capital Needs Assessment

Planning for Your Building’s Future

Planning ahead for any building owner is critical to ensuring their building performs as it should over time.  Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. offers Capital Needs Assessments, both as a stand-alone service and as an adjunct to a Property Condition Assessment.  Starting with the PCA’s detailed analysis of a building’s current physical condition, the Capital Needs Assessment analyzes the building’s capital needs and predicts likely repair and replacement costs over a specified period – usually 20 years.  The report provides both a cumulative, life-of-the-building cost projection and a year-by-year estimate of repair and replacement costs.

Educated and Realistic

Our engineers are building experts.   They understand how buildings and building components perform over time.  They understand the factors that may make some components fail sooner or last longer than expected. Our knowledge of buildings and building science and our decades of field inspection experience make Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc.’ Capital Needs Assessments educated and realistic.

Need a reliable Capital Needs Assessment?  Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. can provide one.  Wondering whether a building purchase makes financial sense? The information Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. provide can help you answer that question.  Contact us to tell us what you need and we’ll tell you how Criterium-Peters Engineers, Inc. can help.