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Dennis R. Peters, PE, PLS of Criterium Peters Engineers, Inc. was the featured speaker at the March meeting of the North Eastern Pennsylvania Claims Association (NEPCA). The topic for the evening was “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: The Insurance Industry's Next Big Thing?”. Dennis discussed the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and the potential to streamline and reduce the cost of insurance-related processes - from claims adjustment and risk-engineering, to post-catastrophe claims settlements for customers and weeding out the fraudulent claims.

Dennis has been a member of the association for 4 years, and served as President during the 2012/2013 year. NEPCA offers a forum where numerous insurance professionals, engineers, attorneys and professionals from related residential, commercial, industrial fields from the area gather each month. The association's goal is to promote education, ethical practices, and an opportunity to network with other professionals in the insurance related fields. By offering a variety of speakers throughout the year, the Association provides an important source of education.